Lhasa Valley Panorama - Ganden, Tibet

In our experience, if you are interested in visiting regions of China with large populations of ethnic minorities, it's best to have a guide from that cultural group who speaks their language and understands their customs. This is particularly true when going off the beaten tour bus path where things don't go according to the tourists' schedule, where the local rhythm of life continues. With a non-local guide, it's likely you'll miss out on spontaneous celebrations that don't fit within the itinerary. Sadly, we've even seen minorities mocked and their customs reduced to mere caricatures by those who lack respect, interest, and understanding.

As it is necessary to visit Tibet with a licensed tour company and obtain a special travel permit, we urge you to carefully consider the operator you select to visit this extraordinary part of the world. More than just their experience in handling the various challenges that come from a forbidding environment and often limited infrastructure, will they make the effort to give you the experience you seek, or are they only interested in rushing you through a conveyor of set itineraries, standardized accommodations, and generic meals?

Sky Burial Family - Ganden Monastery, Tibet

We suggest you consider hiring Tibet Holy Land Travel, a locally-owned travel company that has been in business since 1998. They are Tibetan specialists that can provide you with the following:

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