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by Jennifer Laidlaw

otg_soap_webWhen I travel, I carry two passports – my blue Canadian passport and a little passport booklet of 20 On-The-Go Soap Sheets. This little booklet of cleanliness has come in handy more times than imaginable!

The thin soap sheets come in a plastic, water-proof container wrapped in a cardboard booklet titled PASSPORT and tied shut with a little yellow string. It is both cute and compact.

The lightly-scented soap sheets dissolve in water and can be used in a pinch to wash clothes in the sink, clean hands after a charming soap-less bathroom experience, or freshen up in a public washroom.

These sheets are perfect for carry-on luggage because you can avoid the hassle of airport liquid restrictions.

They dissolve best in hot water, but you can still get a mild soapy clean out of them in cold water. I have even borrowed a sheet from my travel stash to use in the washing machine at home when I have suddenly run out of proper laundry detergent.

On-The-Go Soap SheetsThe sheets never get stale. My own package has been on several trips over the past few years and I can still smell the remaining few sheets through the packaging.

Order them online: $7.50 gets you a set of three booklets in Lavender, Lemon Verbena, and Linen.

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