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by Rick Green

Misty Mountain Willie Wickers packageWhen heading to Asia, packing is an important pre-trip planning consideration. Everything that I need to take with me must fit in my versatile Eagle Creek Switchback Max ES 25 luggage. If I can take less, it leaves more room for gifts and Canadian craft beer, which I like to bring to share around with locals while travelling.

So when I came across a blog post about travelling on two pairs of ExOfficio underwear on a major trip, I was intrigued. What's not to like about reducing the amount of clothing needed and laundry costs at the same time? Looking for a Vancouver retailer that carried these, I found the first-listed store on their website had closed. I then called the second one, 3 Vets, and found they were out of stock. However, they did have Misty Mountain Willie Wickers briefs which were just as good and on sale for half the regular price of ExOfficio's Give-N-Go briefs. Sold!

My first major test for the Willie Wickers was my three-week trip to China and Hong Kong in May/June 2013. I chose black Willie Wickers because they hide stains. Even though I was going to wash at least one pair of underwear every day, you still get discolouration with lighter colours, meaning you tend to discard those sooner. It turned out to be an excellent choice. I'm very happy with the recommendation I got from 3 Vets.

Misty Mountain Willie Wickers briefs are made from micro mesh polyester that wicks moisture, doesn't bunch or bind, and dries fast. I followed their recommendation to roll them up in a dry towel before hanging for even faster drying, and it worked well every time, even in air-conditioned hotels. They also have a micro-bacterial treatment to absorb odours, which is good for long-haul trips. There's no need to bring any laundry detergent with you. Washing them with soap or body wash when you're in the shower is good enough.

Given this successful experience with Misty Mountain Willie Wickers, these will be my staple for future travels. I really wish I had had two pairs of Willie Wickers when I went on my Mustang trek. Mind you, my Up the Creek Without the Toilet Tent story wouldn't have had as funny of an ending.

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Price: CAD$14.50
Colour: black
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
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# MsJenny Chee 2013-07-09 19:23
Hi Rick , thanks for sharing with us .
Usually i will bring disposable cotton panties and just throw it after using .
Good to read your article .
Hv a nice day :lol:
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