Liquan Natural 10P Beer with a Chinese dinner by Adventurocity

A bottle of Liquan Natural 10P beer to accompany dinner in a Guiyang restaurant. As most beer in China is cheap, light-tasting and low-alcohol, it is a traveller's preferred beverage during lunch and dinner. Liquan is the leading beer brand in Southwest China, especially in its home province of Guangxi where it has 80% market share. It is the essential ingredient in Guilin Beer Fish.

Guilin Liquan Co., Ltd. was originally founded in 1985. In July of 2002, it was acquired by Beijing's Yanjing Beer Group, which is China's largest beer conglomerate. Today, the company produces a line of light lagers ranging from 3.1% - 4% ABV. For reviews of Liquan Natural 10P beer, see Beer Advocate and Rate Beer. (Rick Green photo | View slideshow)

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