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Newly-Engaged Malay Couple, Kuching

Young Malay couple proudly pose at the Sarawak Museum in their finest traditional clothes on their engagement day. The woman is wearing a baju kurung (enclosed dress) – the national dress of Malaysia and Brunei – and tudong (headscarf). Her fiancé wears the male equivalent, called a baju Melayu. The baju kurung consists of a full-length skirt and long-sleeved, collar-less blouse that extends to just above the knees. The blouse is typically made of silk with colourful patterns reminiscent of traditional batik cloth. A baju Melayu is a loose, thigh-length, long-sleeved shirt with long pants and a patterned, sarong-type cloth – called a samping – wrapped around the body from stomach to knee. The shirt has two pockets at the bottom and may also have one on the upper left breast. (Brian K. Smith photo.)

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