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Paper Making in Shiqiao by Adventurocity

A man making sheets of paper by hand. The screen is attached to the wooden form behind him and immersed in the basin of pulp. Through a washing action, the fibres collect on the screen and form a sheet. The wet sheets are then spread onto a woodfire-heated wall for drying.

Paper making in China dates back to 100 BCE, during the Han Dynasty. Considered one of the country's four great ancient inventions, handmade paper has all but been replaced by automated machine production. However, this ancient tradition is being preserved by a handful of families, here in Shiqiao Village of Danzhai County in Guizhou Province. In 2007, the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) funded a project to help villagers maintain this tradition. A visitor centre was built, giving tourists a one-stop shop for all the village's paper products. The water supply system was also improved so that time could be saved from no longer needing to hand carry the water used to make the paper.

You can see paper being made by hand in Shiqiao and various paper products, like travel journals and umbrellas. Join us on our Southwest China Cultural Minorities and Classical Landscapes tour to Guizhou and Guangxi provinces this August. Learn more about experiencing China from our articles, photos, and video. Have any questions or comments? Become an Adventurocity community member and share them on our message boards.

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