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Tunnel of Nine Turns (九曲洞, Jiucyudong)

Jiucyudong (Tunnel of Nine Turns or Nine Turns of the Coiled Dragon) was completed in 1996 for visitors to view the spectacular marble landscape. Here, at its narrowest point, the gorge is only 10 metres wide. However, this was the most difficult section of road to construct because of the intense winds that result from the narrowing of the valley.

Taroko Gorge is also called "The Marble Gorge" because of the area's abundant deposits. These began as marine sediments more than 200 million years ago that were gradually transformed into limestone. Over the last 100 million years, additional pressure from a tectonic collision between the Eurasian Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate metamorphosed the limestone into marble. This collision also forced the crust above sea level to where it is today. In fact, the land is still rising 0.5cm per year. (Brian K. Smith photo | View slideshow)

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