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by Brian K. Smith

Stupa Sunrise, Bagan

Having made countless trips over the years as a photographer, I have noticed a pattern to my adventures. Getting great shots is more than arriving in an exotic location with a bag full of gear, ready to shoot everything that strays in front of your lens. It's about the experiences.

More Than the Shot

I have travelled to remote places, like Afghanistan, and returned home with the realization that that short trip made a life-long impact on me. A visit to India became a very challenging journey of 29 days, covering 6,750 kilometres. The experience, however, was something I wouldn't have missed for the world.

Dusk Fire, Uttar Pradesh

With all of my trips, I left making travel arrangements until after my arrival. This is because travel agents at home had very little idea of where I was going. At best, they could book flights, but not much more. Here’s the amazing thing: I have always found people willing to help me at my destination. Don't ask me how, but everything just seems to fall into place. Things that could never have been planned from home, become the encounters that give me those very special images I seek. They are the experiences that continue to grow after I return, long after the bags are unpacked.

Amazing China

China is one of those very special places for me. I have had days that present one dreamscape after another. And while language may be a challenge, it is never a barrier. People know that I am curious about their way of life and appreciate it. I come from a place too far away for them to understand, so they are curious about me too.

Yao Christmas Dinner, Huang Luo

Away from the tourist traps, I have found the Chinese to be very warm and hospitable. On many occasions, they've even invited me to join their family celebrations. We end up not just taking photographs, we develop a better mutual understanding of how we are the same, yet different.

Invest in Travel

Girl Snake Charmer, Tonle Sap

Given the cost, think of travel as more than just a trip. It's an investment in life experience and wisdom. Like in business, if you venture nothing, you gain nothing. So if you are open to it, adventure is there waiting for you. Be sure to bring lots of batteries and memory cards.

Have an Adventure

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